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The Holidays Down Under

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

This Thanksgiving week finds me daydreaming about how funny it would be to go to Australia to celebrate two of my favorite holidays.

For starters, the Aussies don't have a national thanksgiving type of holiday. No surprise, of course, as it is borne out of our North American history. And even if they did share our annual gobble-gobble day, wouldn't it be weird to smell all those delicious Thanksgiving aromas . . . in the summer?? Yep, late November is the start of the summertime weather down there just like we are starting with the chilly winter weather. "Honey, pass the stuffing. Oh, and the sunscreen too, please." LOL

OMG! Does that mean no pumpkin spice latte? no pumpkin spice beer? no pumpkin spice anything? Surely this calls for a fundraiser, a telethon, something . . . those poor Australians!

In her article Thanksgiving in Australia is a Strange Experience for an American, Anna Kooiman spins a funny yarn about trying to have Thanksgiving Down Under . . . they couldn't even find a turkey!

Being a kid at heart, my other favorite holiday is Christmas. December 25th is in the full heat of the Australian summer and this New Yorker could never imagine a pool party or beach outing for Christmas! Would Santa hang ten? Would Rudolf get to play beach volleyball with the other reindeer? LMAO

Have a laugh checking out:

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