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2023s Boys Soccer

Are you a serious footballer? Being recruited to play in college? How would you like to join us in Sydney for two weeks in early July as we do some amazing sightseeing, have some intense training, and play matches against some of Australia's best clubs?

This tour is specifically designed for seniors. What a great way to fill that awful gap between your graduation and your freshman year of college. You're going to find yourself in this weird state of flux -- varsity is done, club is done, but your college career hasn't started yet. The thing that literally drove you and your family's calendar for all those years just evaporates; poof, it's gone. So let's go play world-class soccer Down Under!

If you would, please complete the Interest Form below so we can send you a bunch of details about the tour and information on how to sign up. Until then, let's go, bring it in. Nice and loud: "1-2-3...PRIDE!!"

Australia Soccer Tour

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