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American Pride has unparalleled access to Australian lacrosse. Can you even imagine playing the Australian national team? Them wanting exposure to the American style of play, you repping the red-and-white-blue. Can't you just hear the national anthem playing before the game? Goose bumps! Imagine blowing by a long pole on the Aussie U19 National Team as it prepares for the World Championship in Ireland. Could that be you someday? Scroll down to find the tour best suited for you.

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So which one of these tours is for you?

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Join us to take on Australia's national teams: the U19s, U23s, and the seniors. The Aussies use our tours as part of their national player development program. You get to play their best players and they get to experience the speed, skill, and physicality of the American style of play. World-class lacrosse. Spectacular sightseeing. Memories for a lifetime!

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Why should the kids have all the fun, right?
While taking your team on a foreign tour is certainly a big undertaking, American Pride Events is your best choice to do it with. Play the Australian national teams. See spectacular sights. Meet the incredible Aussie people. All at the lowest prices.

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Fill that awful gap between high school and college by playing in a July tournament with Australia's top junior club teams, their State Teams, and their U19 National Team when it's not a world championship year (like 2020 is). This tour is only for accomplished players who will indeed be playing in college.

Your Best Choice for an Australia Tour

Lowest prices. Best Service.

Lifetime of Memories!

Marquette's Connor Holland
2019 American Pride Lacrosse
Cranking one vs. Aussie national team
Wingate's Matt Griffin
Siena's George Rusnak
Post-game with the Aussie U19s
Captains and the Cup
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Here's the gold medal game from our shock victory to claim the cup. We had to beat Japan and the Australian U19s to do it!

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